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What a load of scrap!

Time to get going on some scrapbusing sewing projects. Who's with me on this? I need to reclaim all the space taken up by my scrap 'collections'. I've got a lot of scrap: drawers full, bags full, cupboards full, baskets full...and they've gotta go! I've started working on a 'crumb block' quilt.

There are a lot of tutorials out there for how to create fabric from your scraps. It's quite commonly called "crumb quilting" or, more accurately, "crumb piecing" and you can take complete liberties with this method to get the results you're after. I've done a little search on You Tube for you and this tutorial covers the method as well as showing you a quick tutorial on making a tote bag with your 'crumb fabric'. You can view this tote bag from scraps tutorial or search for your own.

I've also done a bit of the leg work for you and put together this Pinterest board of sewing projects with scraps (not necessarily using the crumb method). Plenty of inspiration there but beware the rabbit hole!

This is part of my scrap stash and a quick view of my crumb block piecing in progress. Short of scraps? No worries, we've put together some scrap bags in the shop and you'll soon be able to find then on-line as well. Also, think about having a scrap swap with a friend. This is a good way to add more variety to your own scrap and it's just like having new fabric to play with! The giant bag in the photo came from a friend who just wanted to 'get rid' and, of course, I couldn't say no.

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