A bit more about

The Sewing Space


I'm Angie and I opened The Sewing Space on my local high street in 2011 without an ounce of retail experience, but motivated by a need to find my tribe, as they say, and inspire others. I'm an American so I have no immediate family in the UK and both my job (at the time) and my hobby were done in isolation and I craved company!


The idea of turning my passion into a business had been on my mind for years. Finally, I took a leap and created The Sewing Space. It's been the hardest and the easiest job I've ever had and definitely the most rewarding since my teaching days in the states.

It was a natural transition to combine my teaching background with my love of sewing & quilting in order to enrich and empower others with the skill of sewing.  I'm proud of the bright, friendly, encouraging space that's developed over the years where people feel safe and happy to learn and create.  It's also been a thrill getting to know my customers and providing an ever-changing collection of fabrics from the best designers and manufacturers for their projects.

Over the past 9 years I have offered workshops for beginner sewers, dressmakers and quilters and more advanced classes, too.  In addition to my own teaching our favourite tutors have included Tracy Aplin, Mandy Munroe, Carolyn Forster, Beth Studley, Barbara Roots, The Woolly Felters, Amber from The Chromatic Studio and Pam our crochet teacher.

And then came Covid, requiring me to, once again 'put on my brave pants,' ignore that tendency to compare myself to everyone else and move my business on-line until, please God, we are able to resume our classes again in 2021.  My on-line sewing and quilting classes will be coming soon.  If you want to be notified when they go live, please be sure you subscribe to my newsletter.